2019-07-19: NetSol & NFSN -> GleSYS. Thanks for the time. Will take a few days+ till stable. (Zoho) Mail = disabled for now.
2018-11-05: Mem has been resurrected. Use ^S to save or ^O to open a new addr/key. addr=00000000->ffffffff ("insecure" but linkable), key=!addr (unlinkable but "secure"). Happy scribbling!
2018-06-07: Check out Snabbhack (in Swedish) if you or your company need help with anything.
2015-03-12: Spring cleaning!
2010-05-03: ...and we're back, retro style.
2003-12-17: The primary DNS and POP3/SMTP server - - has crashed. Secondary is working fine though, but you may experience slowdowns due to the timeouts. It'll be up again at 6 PM CET/GMT+1.

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